Sexual and Reproductive Health

Ongoing Projects

Integrated Community Menstrual Hygiene Project 

Menstrual  hygiene management is an essential aspect of hygiene for women and adolescent girls. In some communities, period poverty and stigma have taken centre stage.Girls feel embarrassed and often exclude themselves from academics and socioeconomic activities during their periods. Limited access to information on menstrual hygiene management, reproductive health, and limited availability of sanitary materials to manage menstruation make it more difficult for adolescent girls in rural communities to manage their periods effectively.

Menstrual Hygiene Corner

The Menstrual Hygiene Corner is a space we seek to create that will aid in the cultivation of local and global partnerships to combat period poverty. We seek to supply a Menstrual Hygiene Corner location with a one-year bulk supply of sanitary kits. The supplies will be complemented by quality training and interactive dialogue on sexual and reproductive health. Our target is to reach 2,000 girls in Government Girls Science Secondary School Kuje, Abuja. To support this project.

Past Project

Adolescent Comprehensive Sexual and Reproductive Health Project (2019)

Comprehensive in-school and out-of-school program on reproductive health was an all-inclusive HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness program that provided young adolescents with health information and life skills to enable them to make informed decisions and empower them to adopt positive health and social behaviours. YiSHDA believes that a well designed and implemented sexual health and HIV awareness/prevention program will significantly reduce vulnerability amongst adolescent youths. See this link for details on this project’s impact