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School Initiative on Environmental Program

Environmental education is extremely important, especially in today’s age. Ensuring that new generations understand the importance and significance of the environment, and how to protect it, is important as the survival of the world is dependent upon it. Pollution and greenhouses gases amongst many other things interfere with environmental well-being on a regular basis. Providing the proper knowledge to future generations will help to ensure that the steps are taken in order to be proactive to care for the environment in order for it to flourish.

School Initiative on Environmental Program (SiEP) is a six weeks in-school comprehensive environmental education program developed by Youth Initiative for Sustainable Human Development in Africa (YiSHDA) that seeks to create a platform for environmental awareness among young people. Through the program, young people will be given the opportunity to make real difference to their own quality of life, their local community as well as contributing to the future well-being of the planet.