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Civic Engagement

Every human being is a citizen of a state, but most people are unconscious or ignorant of this. Some who are conscious often expect the state to provide them with every human need, while they shy away from contributing to the well-being of the state, owing to their poor socialization or complete lack of orientation. Citizens are role players in the society; but without concrete and effective socialization, they will lack the capacity to effectively function productively as members of the state.

To transform a society, perspectives must be changed and to change perspectives, values must be shaped, but how do you shape values if thinking is not changed?  Everyday decisions are made and resources are invested for the development of societies in Africa but few of these resources meet the expected objectives because the grassroots people are not involved in the planning process and strategies of value simulation into effective means of evolving programs that develops the mind of these young people for impact in their communities.

Young people are ingenious and have the capacity to transform their societies; they have power, visible in their destructive abilities which can be reframed for productivity. It is therefore necessary that we explore their potentials and create a platform for them to create a new world of peace, cultural assimilation and economic re-birth.

At Youth Initiative for Sustainable Human Development in Africa (YiSHDA) we help inculcate right form of citizenship training to young people so that they can grow with loyalty and patriotism that the nation demands for its development.