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Citizenship and Civic Education Program

Young people are endowed with raw energy, high hopes, dreams, aspirations and ideas of what their tomorrow would be. They are anxious and dynamic, always bubbling in spirit. Their surplus energy when exploited is useful for the welfare of the country. Proper guidance and direction can bring them in the forefront of peaceful and national development.

However, the recent violent, criminal and other anti-social activities around the country perpetrated by the youths indicate that more efforts have to be made towards channelling the power and natural endowment of young people into better use both for themselves and the nation. One viable way of achieving this is through civic education which inculcates sound moral values in the youths. It is the education which aims to help people learn how to become active, informed and responsible citizens. But lack of civic education and patriotic orientation had led to disorientation in schools and the larger society, leading to serious consequences. The prevalence of corruption, indiscipline, disrespect for both elders and the rule of law, are clear manifestations of the absence of civic education.